Factors to Consider When Renting Scaffolding for a Home Job


Scaffolding can actually be rented by homeowners for a renovation project or for painting that needs to be done inside or outside, and this equipment can be more secure to use than standard ladders. Scaffolding also gives you the space you need to keep your equipment nearby and easily accessible. When renting a piece of scaffolding for a home job, note a few questions to ask and factors to consider to ensure you get what you'll need.

1. Note the weight restrictions

Masonry scaffolding is considered heavy-duty and is designed to hold brick, buckets of mortar, roofing tiles, and the like. However, scaffolding used by painters and plasterers usually will not be as solid and secure because this work usually doesn't involve such heavy equipment. When renting scaffolding, don't assume their frames are all alike and that they will all accommodate heavier equipment. If you're renting a piece for brickwork on a chimney outside versus painting a cathedral ceiling inside, be sure you ask about weight restrictions and limits.

2. Don't get something too wide

It's easy to think that if you're going to be working along a wide interior or exterior wall, then you want the widest working platform possible. However, you might note that a wider platform may not fit easily around corners inside your home. If renting a scaffolding for outside work, you want to remember obstacles such as your home's chimney, downspouts, landscaping features, railings, and other such pieces. Note too that if you measure a narrow hallway in your home, you don't want a scaffolding fixture that is exactly that width as this doesn't leave allowance for its frame, casters, connectors, and the like. Choose something slightly more narrow so you're sure it will be a good fit.

3. Ask how the height adjusts, if at all

Some scaffolding will have one fixed height for the platform, whereas other pieces may allow you to adjust the height by moving the platform up and down the frame. If the work you'll be doing will require you to move up and down the height of a wall, such as for painting or plastering or for making repairs up the height of a chimney, be sure you note how easily the height adjusts. You may even find that a platform with a scissor lift underneath, which works with a hydraulic control to move you up and down the surface, can be the most convenient choice.


13 October 2015

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