What to Ask Your Concrete Contractor About Your New Driveway


When you're ready to have a new driveway installed, you want to ensure that you're ready to do everything necessary to protect it and its overall finish. It's good to discuss this with your contractor before the concrete is even poured, as he or she may want to make adjustments to the strength and depth of the concrete and then put some type of protection over it after it's poured. Note a few questions to ask concrete contractors about your new driveway and its maintenance, and do this before your contractor begins their work.

1. Ask how to protect it from particular spills or substances 

If you work on cars in your garage or use it as a workspace for various projects, it's good to note this with your contractor before work begins. Many materials will have no actual affect on the surface of concrete, but oil can leave stains and there are certain acids that may etch concrete and cause it to crack and chip. If you run a cleaning business and mix up cleansers that contain muriatic acid or other similar substances, or will have any type of particular material in your garage or the driveway, discuss this with your contractor. He or she can note if it might be damaging to the concrete and then pour a stronger type of concrete to withstand that damage or add special sealers over it.

2. Ask how you repair stamped or stained concrete

For plain concrete, you might be able to repair small cracks with concrete patching mixes you buy at the home improvement store. However, when concrete is stamped or stained, you don't want a grey patch over your decorative driveway. Your contractor may recommend how to repair cracks in decorative concrete, such as using colored cement paste. There may be colors that match the stamping or staining on your driveway in particular, so make a note of this so you can match the color perfectly.

3. Note if it's good to invest in thicker concrete

Your contractor may have a standard strength or depth of concrete that he or she uses for driveways and garages, but discuss with your contractor any special needs you have for something stronger. For example, if you have a large motor home that you'll park on your driveway or consistently haul a trailer with several ATVs and other such equipment, you may need something thicker and stronger. This will ensure your new driveway doesn't crack and chip over time and can withstand this extra weight.


27 October 2015

Taking Concrete Into the Future: Beatifying, Installing, Repairing and More

Everything changes as time goes on including concrete. In the past, for example, decorative concrete was a luxury, while now it is a mainstream staple, and I anticipate that concrete will change even more as the future rolls around. Hi, my name is Nicole, and I own several investment properties including one commercial building full of clients. As owner, I often have to pay concrete contractors to do work around my properties and even on the buildings themselves because I have concrete balconies on my commercial buildings. Twenty years ago, I knew nothing about concrete, but now, I know a lot, and I'm eager to share. Please explore!