Magnificent Ways To Improve Homes With Concrete


Have you ever asked yourself if there was more to concrete than just building houses and sewers? The answer is yes. You can even use it to improve your very own home. If you just wondered how, below is an article with a few suggestions exclusively for you.

Adopt 'Faux Bois'

This is a French technique that involves creation of fake wood. In order to add some décor to your home, you probably want to start using wooden concrete. Even though it sounds weird, it is achievable through advanced sculpturing. For instance, you may use ordinary timber to imprint concrete. Moreover, you may also use scoring and staining methods to make your concrete look like wood. Apart from giving you that natural wood look, concrete is more durable and requires low maintenance than timber. Therefore, faux bois is very attractive for saving costs.

Maximize on Concrete Blocks

Other than building, concrete blocks can also be put into creative and decorative uses. For example, you can stack them up strategically to form steps. In addition, the blocks may be carefully arranged to create a good garden bench for relaxation on a hot Sunday afternoon. If you are creative, you can use cinder blocks to upgrade your entertainment centre by using their holes to store DVDs, CDs, and even books. Concrete may also be a design additive for permanent garden features such as trees. All you need to do is pour it in beautiful patterns or simply arrange your blocks desirably around shrubs and trees.

Create a Living Wall

Due to innovation, man has been able to improve on urban farming through the creation of a living wall. It is also known as a vertical planter. Using concrete, you can add this garden feature to your backyard by stacking up cinder blocks to form a wall that acts as a platform for growing your plants. However, it is best for growing succulents, because they have very shallow roots. Since this feature is vertical, it enables you to save on ground space. Moreover, the structure is also easy to raise and is quite pocket-friendly, allowing you to save both time and money.

Use Decorative Concrete

When it comes to decking and landscaping, decorative concrete makes all the difference. This is because it contains colour and texture upgrades. In addition, it also comes with various design patterns. Due to its attractive nature, you may want to consider it for your railing and fencing. Lastly, you may also want to use it to add some décor to your outer walls.

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7 January 2016

Taking Concrete Into the Future: Beatifying, Installing, Repairing and More

Everything changes as time goes on including concrete. In the past, for example, decorative concrete was a luxury, while now it is a mainstream staple, and I anticipate that concrete will change even more as the future rolls around. Hi, my name is Nicole, and I own several investment properties including one commercial building full of clients. As owner, I often have to pay concrete contractors to do work around my properties and even on the buildings themselves because I have concrete balconies on my commercial buildings. Twenty years ago, I knew nothing about concrete, but now, I know a lot, and I'm eager to share. Please explore!