4 Rules for Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway


Concrete is an excellent material choice for your driveway, but it does need regular care. By following these easy tips for maintaining the driveway, it will last a long time.

Keep the Driveway Clean

Maintaining a concrete driveway doesn't need to be too difficult or complicated. One great thing to remember is to clean it on a regular basis. The more dirt and grease build-up that accumulates on the driveway, the more difficult it will be to clean later on. When you notice an oil spill, put some cat litter or sand on the spill to soak it up right away. Then wash it away with a hose. Also perform routine cleaning, like sweeping and power washing.

Be Careful About De-Icing Methods

While you don't want a build-up of slick ice on your concrete driveway, as that can cause damage to your driveway and be unsafe for your family, you also want to be careful about the type of de-icing method you use. Stay away from chemical de-icing products, especially right after you have had the concrete driveway installed. These often use chemicals like ammonium nitrates that are too harsh for the concrete and can cause more damage than the ice itself. Instead, stick to safer methods, such as cat litter or sand applied to the concrete before a big storm hits.

Repair Damage as Needed

When you notice damage on the surface of your concrete driveway, it is important that you have it repaired as soon as possible. Minor cracks can turn into large gouges in the concrete if you don't act fast enough. The more times you drive over a minor crack, the more likely that crack is to split and enlarge. A simple concrete filling product like a concrete crack injection can be used to fill the cracks and address other damage in concrete; you can easily perform this fix yourself.

Have the Driveway Sealed

Driveway sealant isn't just for asphalt driveways, but for concrete as well. It provides a protective layer over the top surface of the concrete, which helps to reduce damage from vehicles and heavy equipment. You will notice that less cracks and stains appear when you the driveway is sealed. You can either add the sealant on your own or have a professional contractor do it for you. The benefit of having a contractor seal it is that they can also inspect the driveway for damage and repair minor cracks prior to sealing it for you.


26 February 2016

Taking Concrete Into the Future: Beatifying, Installing, Repairing and More

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