Reasons to Spread Exposed Aggregate Around Your Property


You might need to renew the paving around your yard, especially if it's cracked or discoloured. Instead of spreading plain grey concrete around, why not consider exposed aggregate to add personality to the scenery. Consider the following reasons to use exposed aggregate around your property.

Versatile in Terms of Design

Exposed aggregate suits many different garden styles as it can take on diverse personas. If you have a cottage garden, utilitarian plain concrete can ruin the ambience. However, if you are laying exposed aggregate with pebbles in colours like gold, tan, blue, and grey, the paving will have a natural look that echoes the hues in the foliage and flowers. If your home is minimal and modern, you could add uniform grey or beige pebbles to the mix instead. Because you can play with a wide array of aggregate colours, you can transform the paving to suit diverse environments.


Another reason to consider exposed aggregate is that it generates a textured effect that increases traction. So, you and your friends and family will be less likely to slip and suffer injuries. If your yard slopes, safety is critical as rainwater can create an ice-rink effect on smooth ground.

To make your splashed pool deck safer, you could install exposed aggregate there also. Your contractor can advise you on which shape and size aggregates to use so that the decking is barefoot-friendly and not too pointy and uncomfortable. Aggregates such as rounded river pebbles are smoother, while crushed stone, which is machine pulverised, is typically more angular. The aggregate size matters too when you're customising the bumpiness and texture of the paving.

Decorate Your Yard

If your backyard has large paving areas, this hardscape feature will be dominant, so it's especially crucial to make sure the paving is attractive. A yard covered in bare grey concrete will give a boring impression. Exposed aggregate, though, will add decorative colours and appealing textures. You can create more pleasant and welcoming outdoor entertainment spaces rather than dull ones because of the aggregate choices.


Once you pave your yard, of course, you want the surface you have put time and money towards to last for years and withstand the elements. Typically, after laying the exposed aggregate, concreters will spread a sealant to protect the paving and bring out the stones and pebbles' colours. To maintain it, make sure you follow sealing recommendations for the future. After that's taken care of, these hardy concrete surfaces endure outside conditions over a long period. If you cover your driveway with aggregate concrete, the colours and textures will disguise oil spills. Plus, this paving is robust and easily able to carry heavy vehicles and foot-traffic.

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25 February 2021

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