3 Benefits of Building Barrier Kerbs


If you have to build roads during a construction project, then you have to choose a type of kerbing for the job. While regular and mountable kerbs have some benefits, you should also consider barrier designs. These kerbs are higher and steeper than standard kerbs. What are the advantages of using this kind of kerbing on your build?

1. Make Things Safer For Pedestrians

If you have pavements or other pedestrian access paths at the sides of your roads, then you have to find ways to keep people as safe as possible. Regular and mountable kerbs don't always do this. It's too easy for a speeding or out-of-control car to mount the kerb and end up driving on the pavement. If a driver loses concentration, they could also go off the road and put pedestrians at risk.

Barrier kerbs help keep cars on the road and off pedestrian areas. Cars can't typically mount these kerbs easily. Drivers also tend to be more cautious around them, so they keep their distance.

So, these kerbs reduce the risk of vehicles colliding with pedestrians. Your pavements and pathways will be safer to walk on.

2. Control Traffic Access

If you need to keep cars on a certain route, then you have to find ways to direct drivers. Road markings sometimes aren't always enough to do this.

For example, if you have cycle lanes, then some drivers will nip into the area to speed up their journey. They shouldn't use the lane, but some will, especially if the road is busy and traffic is congested. If they don't see people on bikes in the lane, then they could cause an accident.

You can use barrier kerbs to keep traffic off these areas. They demarcate parts of the road that don't allow vehicular access.

3. Control Parking

If you are building controlled parking, then you need to discourage drivers from parking in the wrong places. This isn't always easy. If parking is at a premium, then some drivers will mount kerbs to park on pavements.

If you use barrier kerbing in no-parking zones, then drivers can't mount the kerb. You don't just discourage them from parking in certain spots, you prevent them from doing this.

To find out more about barrier kerbing and how it will work on your site, ask commercial kerbing specialists for advice. They can help you work out the best products to use to achieve the results you need.


27 September 2021

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