Things You Didn't Know About Slip Form Concrete Paving


Concrete's popularity is indisputable! Any built environments are likely to have concrete structures, if not a combination of concrete and other materials like steel. Contractors resort to concrete because of its versatility, allowing them to put up elegant and unique designs that would be a problem when using other materials. Certainly, concrete's popularity calls for the continuous evolution of building practices. Contractors and engineers must find ways of building and paving, using the most efficient technologies, and that's where concepts like slip form concreting happen.

2 October 2020

Little Known Benefits of Commercial Kerbing


Concrete kerbing refers to the concrete border that surrounds water features, gardens, and other landscaping elements. For any commercial property, investing in kerbing can significantly reduce expenses and also improve the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Here are some of the little-known benefits of commercial kerbing. Prevents the Inconvenience of Weeds and Other Plants on Walkways Concrete kerbing reduces the encroachment of weeds around your business premises. These intrusions will be kept at bay by this solid wall.

29 May 2020