Things To Know About Concrete Core Drilling


If you own a construction company and you have work projects that require drilling into concrete, you will need to contract with a concrete cutting company, such as Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd. Concrete drilling is a specialty that requires precision, whether you are drilling to make a manhole, drilling to install piping or creating drainage vents for water runoff. Here are some important things to know about the concrete core drilling process.

Diamond Drill Bits Are Commonly Used -- Although steel drill bits are sometimes used for concrete core drilling, the majority of drill bits for this type of work are made from diamonds. A diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth, and it can cut through virtually any type of surface, including steel, stone, brick and reinforced concrete. Diamond drill bits are also very precise in the holes that they create, which means less time spent trying to smooth out the core prior to starting the work.

Wet Drilling Is Commonly Used -- In many concrete core drilling procedures, water pressure is used to increase the efficiency of the drilling by creating what is known as slurry, which is a liquid material that results from the breakdown of the cored concrete as it is mixed with water. Wet drilling reduces the amount of dust and debris that results from the concrete coring process, and it also has a dampening effect on the amount of noise generated by the drilling and the vibration levels of the drill.

A Variety of Machines Are Used -- Core drill experts utilise a variety of machines for your drilling needs. Smaller drilling jobs such as cores that are drilled out of concrete walls to install wiring typically don't require a large diameter hole. Hand-held electrical core drilling machines are usually sufficient for these smaller types of jobs, but for core drilling work to create manholes or to install piping in a concrete floor, hydraulic drilling machines with anchor stands and vacuum pumps are required to generate sufficient power to penetrate through concrete that is often reinforced with steel. These hydraulic drilling machines can be hand-held or for more power, but some are mounted in a drill stand.

Concrete core drilling is a beneficial service that can maximise the efficiency of your construction project and reduce labour time. By using diamond drill bits, concrete drill experts speed up the coring process and get your workers started on their project with minimal delays.


12 October 2015

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