3 Benefits of Building Barrier Kerbs


If you have to build roads during a construction project, then you have to choose a type of kerbing for the job. While regular and mountable kerbs have some benefits, you should also consider barrier designs. These kerbs are higher and steeper than standard kerbs. What are the advantages of using this kind of kerbing on your build? 1. Make Things Safer For Pedestrians If you have pavements or other pedestrian access paths at the sides of your roads, then you have to find ways to keep people as safe as possible.

27 September 2021

Repair Techniques for 5 Types of Potholes and Related Damages


A pothole can render your driveway unsafe and unattractive. Fortunately, repairs are typically possible on an asphalt drive.  1. Surface Damage Damages that later develop into potholes typically start small, usually as a depression or small crumbling divot in the paving. You can prevent the full formation of a pothole by repairing the surface damage before it becomes worse. Your repair service can clean out the low spot or divot. They then apply a hot asphalt patch, which bonds with the paving into a permanent repair.

13 July 2021

Reasons to Spread Exposed Aggregate Around Your Property


You might need to renew the paving around your yard, especially if it's cracked or discoloured. Instead of spreading plain grey concrete around, why not consider exposed aggregate to add personality to the scenery. Consider the following reasons to use exposed aggregate around your property. Versatile in Terms of Design Exposed aggregate suits many different garden styles as it can take on diverse personas. If you have a cottage garden, utilitarian plain concrete can ruin the ambience.

25 February 2021