Quick Tips for Using Exposed Aggregate for Your Home's Concrete Surfaces


Exposed aggregate is a substance that is added to concrete to give the surface some texture and visual appeal. It may be added to provide traction against the slick surface of smooth concrete, or to simply break up the look of dull and drab grey concrete. Whatever your reasons for choosing an exposed aggregate to add to the concrete for your home's outdoor surfaces, note a few quick tips to help you choose and use the right aggregate and incorporate it into the overall design of the space.

1. Choosing color

Be very careful when choosing the color of your aggregate as you need to remember that it will cover a very large space on your outdoor surface. Much like how a paint color can look too dark or too bright when you use it on a full wall versus looking at a small sample, a small photo of an aggregate doesn't always give you an idea of what the surface will look like once it covers your home's driveway or patio. Err on the side of caution and choose a lighter shade than what you think you'll like, or opt for something very neutral in an earth tone rather than choosing bright blue, red, or another color that can easily seem overwhelming.

2. Combining elements

Very often, one of the best things you can do to make your home's outdoor surface look its best is to combine elements and break up the look of the exposed aggregate. For example, you might choose concrete bands or brick fields to surround the aggregate and provide a border for the driveway or walkway. Divider strips are also wide, solid borders that can be added along a surface with a decorative aggregate; for a walkway, consider adding them to create triangular sections, or use them to create a blocked look for the driveway. This will keep the aggregate from looking too overpowering and can create added visual appeal.

3. Use light reflection

Aggregates are often added to concrete for texture and color, but consider how you can add certain elements of soft glass for light reflection. Soft glass can make a walkway or driveway actually shine and this can be a great feature, especially during wintertime when your area may not get much sun. Having the aggregate reflect what sunlight there is during this time, and all through the year, can make your driveway or walkway seem cleaner and brighter.


19 October 2015

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