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What is steel? Steel is an alloyed metal, which when fabricated, can be used in the manufacture of a diverse array of numerous high-quality products such as side wall panels, water vessels, storage tanks, kitchen sinks, roofing sheets, and so much more. Fabricated steel products offer outstanding versatility, construction efficiency, and usually come in exquisite finishes to enhance visual impact. Despite all these benefits, many users of fabricated steel products don't really know how what the process of steel fabrication entails. Here are some useful items of information to acquaint steel product enthusiasts with the basics of the steel fabrication process.

What is steel fabrication?

Steel fabrication is a process that involves cutting, shaping, bending, welding and assembling of steel components to make different products, e.g. steel pipes, sheets, tubes, plates, girders, joints and many more. It is the process through which manufacturers manipulate steel to give steel different looks, shapes and dimensions. When used to erect structural buildings, the fabrication is often accompanied by drawings and design plans that are provided by the steel fabricators.

What does fabrication of steel entail?

Steel fabrication take place by taking assorted metal elements and combining them together to make products that come in different predefined shapes and sizes. Since high levels of precision is required during the process, a steel fabricator must first decide on the shape and size of the initial steel material to be used in the design planning stage.

The primary task of steel fabrication is to convert the design envisioned in initial manufacturing plan to a functional product, which is of high performance to the final user. Because of the need to meet high product demand, techniques like integrated route and electric arc furnace are normally used to ensure the fabrication process is easier, faster and more economical.

What are the inputs required in steel fabrication?

Many ordinary people consider steel fabrication to be a complicated process as steel fabrication calls for the use of one-of-a-kind techniques and cutting-edge equipment as well as trained manpower. For instance, the process may require the utilization of computer-aided design (CAD) software combined with accurate application of specific details, controls and estimates to develop a good design plan for a structure.

Who are steel fabricators?

Steel fabricators are businesses that specialize in the job of steel fabrication. Essentially, they do anything and everything associated with steel fabrication, be it acquiring material, designing, drawing, laser cutting, sheeting, roll forming, CNC rolling, robotic welding and can even install the fabricated steel products.


2 November 2015

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