How to Add a Concrete Overlay to Your Driveway


If you concrete driveway is getting old and worn, it might be time to consider getting it resurfaced. By using a thin overlay of concrete, you can avoid having to remove large sections of concrete and restore your driveway to its former glory. Below is a step by step guide to overlaying your driveway with a new layer of concrete. 

Fill in any gaps or cracks

Before pouring the new overlay onto the existing concrete driveway, it is important that you carry out an inspection of the surface and repair any gaps or cracks. If you do not repair minor damage such as this, you may end up with an uneven overlay. Small gaps and cracks and be filled using concrete filler. Larger gaps in the concrete should be filled with metal mesh first, which will help to support the concrete filler you use to fix the crack.

Clean the concrete

Once you are happy that all the cracks have been repaired, you need to clean your concrete driveway. An unclean driveway may cause the new overlay of concrete to become uneven. Use a high-pressure water or garden hose to rinse down the concrete surface. If the driveway has stubborn dirt ingrained in it, use liquid soap and a scrubbing brush on the affected area until it is clean.

Mix the concrete

Add the concrete powder to a bucket and slowly add warm water. Stir the mixture as you add the water. You should be careful to add the water bit by bit. This will help you to avoid adding too much water as ruining the mix. Remember, you can always add more water but you can't remove it once added. You should aim for a concrete mix which has the same consistency as syrup does when it is poured from a jar.

Pour the concrete overlay

When you are satisfied with the consistency of the concrete you are ready to pour the overlay. Start in one corner of the driveway, pouring the concrete from a bucket in a smooth action. You should focus your work on small sections of the driveway, pouring the concrete before using a squeegee to smooth the mix out. Continue in this way and overlap the small sections to ensure you do not miss any areas. Once you have covered the entire driveway, you should allow the concrete to fully dry before use.

If you need help or assistance adding a concrete overlay to your driveway, contact a professional concrete service today.


13 July 2016

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