Top Tips for Cutting Concrete Using An Angle Grinder


If you need to cut concrete at home, an angle grinder is an ideal tool to use. However, if you have never used an angle grinder before, you may be wondering about the steps you should take to keep yourself safe and to ensure you get the best possible cut. Below are some top tips for using an angle grinder to cut concrete.

Prepare Your Work Space

Before you begin cutting, you should prepare the space you will be working in. You should first remove any objects which could present a trip hazard or could obstruct the movement of the grinder. Because cutting concrete will create dust, you should ensure that the workspace is adequately ventilated. 

Wear the Right Gear

You should avoid wearing any loose clothing, as this could become trapped in the moving parts of the angle grinder. You should wear work gloves to help you maintain a good grip of the angle grinder and goggles to protect your eyes from any debris which is ejected during the cutting of the concrete. Finally, use a face mask to prevent yourself breathing in concrete dust.

Mark the Line of the Cut

You should never attempt to cut concrete without first preparing the line of the cut. To do this, you should use a straight edge and a pencil to mark the line you wish to cut. Next, use a hammer and chisel to make a slight groove along the line you have marked. This will allow the blade of the angle grinder to neatly fit into the cut line, holding it in place ad reducing the chance that it will wander away.

Get a Good Grip

Before you start the angle grinder, you should first pick it up to ensure you can comfortably hold its weight while maintaining a good grip. During the cutting process, you will need to apply additional pressure to the machine in order to achieve a good cut. If you are  straining to hold the weight of the angle grinder, it will be very difficult for you to apply enough additional pressure.

These tips should ensure you can safely and successfully cut concrete using an angle grinder. However, you should ensure that you read any instructions and advice that have been supplied with the angle grinder that you have rented or purchased. If you need any further help or advice, contact a professional concrete cutting service.


10 August 2016

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