2 tips for creating a concrete picnic area in the middle of a dense forest


Creating a public concrete picnic spot in the centre of a forest that is densely packed with trees can be difficult. Here are some ways that commercial concrete contractors can overcome the challenges presented by this type of environment.

1. Use a boom pump when operating the commercial concrete pumping equipment

One of the many challenges that concrete contractors face in this setting is that the density of the forest can make it hard for them to bring their concrete pumping equipment into the area where they need to use it. Rather than damaging the forest by cutting down some of its trees to create space for this equipment to pass through, it would be much better for these contractors to use a boom pump.

This boom is usually attached to a concrete pumping truck. It is extremely long and has a hollow centre and a hose at its tip, through which the concrete flows. In this setting, the truck (which would be too big to pass through the dense forest) could be left on the outskirts of this wooded area, and its boom could then be extended over the trees and into the space where the concrete picnic area is being created.

This attachment can produce the same level, smooth results that a concrete pump which is used at close range can, as the aforementioned hose at the boom's tip can be held by the contractor so that the concrete that comes out of it can be poured in a controlled manner.

2. Bring along several floodlights

Another issue with carrying out commercial concreting work in this setting is that the forest's dense canopy can block out almost all of the sunlight. If the concrete contractor fails to consider this and bring along floodlights with them, they may find that they and their team struggle to pour and smooth out the concrete properly, due to the fact that they cannot see what they are doing.

As such, these lights must be brought along when working in this environment. It is best to use tall floodlights that are attached to tripods that are several metres tall, instead of ones that come with soil spikes, that are designed to be pushed into the ground. The reason for this is that, after the concrete starts being poured, any lights that are located near the ground will get covered in this liquid, which may then affect the amount of illumination they provide.

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8 October 2019

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