Things You Didn't Know About Slip Form Concrete Paving


Concrete's popularity is indisputable! Any built environments are likely to have concrete structures, if not a combination of concrete and other materials like steel. Contractors resort to concrete because of its versatility, allowing them to put up elegant and unique designs that would be a problem when using other materials. Certainly, concrete's popularity calls for the continuous evolution of building practices. Contractors and engineers must find ways of building and paving, using the most efficient technologies, and that's where concepts like slip form concreting happen. Slip form concreting refers to a building method where the concrete is poured continuously. The following discussion will teach you some things you didn't know about slip form concrete for your paving projects:

You Need Low-slump Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)

One thing that needs your attention is the rate at which your concrete settles and cures. If the curing happens within a short time, then you have a good chance of moving onto the next phase of the construction process. Paving with slip form machines and technology helps you achieve this. They use low-slump PCC, meaning that the water content in the concrete mixture is always at its lowest. Therefore, your concrete paving settles faster than it would if you used traditional paving techniques. You move onto the next face of decorating, finishing, or adding other installations within a shorter period.

You Get Better Precision

Paving machinery is your go-to solution when you want the highest level of precision. When paving your surfaces, you need to focus on reducing undulations. These are the little imperfections that cause your paved surface to rise and fall smoothly across the whole surface. Generally, you should minimize the undulations as much as possible to keep them from affecting your paintwork and other finishes. Their presence can also encourage small ponds of water on the concrete paving, which will be detrimental to your surface.

You Get a Good Quality Surface

Slip form concreting delivers a good quality surface for all your paving projects. The working principles underlined by a side feeder or conveyor belt feeding concrete into the target area always guarantees excellent results. The icing on the cake, however, is the hydraulic or electric vibrators carrying out a homogenous compression of the freshly laid concrete. Other accessories such as oscillating beams and tie bars grind into the concrete as it starts to settle, ensuring that the materials do not leave air gaps. All these elements combine to give a solid concrete paved surface that you can rely on for years.


2 October 2020

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