Three Reasons to Install Concrete Pavers Around Your Garden


The surfaces around your home not only form hard walkways and patios for easy walking but they decorate your backyard with colours and textures. One material to consider for the garden is concrete pavers, which will also add value to your home by beautifying the outdoor living areas. Here are three reasons to spread these pavers about the garden.


You can decorate your garden with concrete pavers carved into different shapes. You could lay rectangular shapes to form a running bond or classic brickwork design. Otherwise, combine square and oblong pavers in varying sizes to create an ashlar pattern. Concrete can be coloured and textured to replicate stone species such as granite, sandstone, or bluestone. Colours include blue, grey, tan, peach, ivory, black, green, purple, and countless other hues. 

You can install pavers of a uniform shade or multi-tone pavers in which different hues weave together in the one piece. Additionally, you can create a kaleidoscope by laying different colours together. For example, create a patio of mainly tan pavers, but intersperse it with blues and golds. 


Pavers form tough surfaces that suit heavy vehicles as well as foot traffic. Thus, you can spread them across your driveway, patio, and pathways. Continuous slabs of concrete tend to crack as the earth shifts minutely underneath. Pavers, however, don't need to crack as each paver can adjust within its bed of crushed pebbles and sand. In any case, if any do break, you can pull them out and put new ones in. Thus, you won't have to rip up an entire concrete surface to deal with a spot problem.


Pavers create safe surfaces for outdoors in all kinds of weather, including rain. Because sand fills the gaps between each one, water can quickly divert via the crushed stone base that is designed to provide effective drainage. The patterns of individual pieces create a texture that improves traction so that you're less likely to slip. To make the paving safer still, especially around the pool deck, select a paver that mimics the texture of rock.

Thus, pavers are an ideal investment for your garden, imbuing it with beautiful colours and textures. As well, decorative paving is durable and easy to repair by replacing individual units. Plus, you can feel safe in your backyard by providing reliable surfaces that offer traction to minimise accidents and that drains any pooled water.

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25 November 2020

Taking Concrete Into the Future: Beatifying, Installing, Repairing and More

Everything changes as time goes on including concrete. In the past, for example, decorative concrete was a luxury, while now it is a mainstream staple, and I anticipate that concrete will change even more as the future rolls around. Hi, my name is Nicole, and I own several investment properties including one commercial building full of clients. As owner, I often have to pay concrete contractors to do work around my properties and even on the buildings themselves because I have concrete balconies on my commercial buildings. Twenty years ago, I knew nothing about concrete, but now, I know a lot, and I'm eager to share. Please explore!