Ideas for Styling Concrete Flooring on Your Patio


Concrete can create a variety of looks. This versatility makes it perfect for a garden setting, as it can be decorated and placed in different spots. Here are some ideas for styling concrete flooring on a patio. 

Connect the Indoors and the Outdoors

On a warm day, it's lovely to open the back doors of your house that link to a covered patio. You can use concrete flooring to connect the two spaces visually and create a sense of flow. For example, install polished concrete in the living areas and patio. To create a sheen, contractors run a grinding machine over the floor with diamond-grit pads. They can create different shine levels, so you can go for an urban matte look or a sophisticated high polish. It's best if your patio has a roof, as this flooring can become slippery in the rain. However, contractors can add anti-slip additives to a sealant to make it safer if someone spills food or drinks.

Create a Large Square Paver Look

A stunning way to use concrete on a patio is to shape it into large square pavers. On an expansive site, gigantic squares accentuate the space's openness. Contractors can create the pattern in different ways. They could press moulds on the concrete before it's set, a process termed "stamped concrete." Or they can wait until it hardens and score the square pattern using a saw. You can choose from a wide variety of hues as well. So you can leave the concrete grey or imbue it with other earthy colours to mimic natural stone.

Contrast with Other Surfaces

One thing to consider when planning your concrete patio is how you can complement it with other materials and colours. For example, you could contrast dark charcoal concrete against white external walls and furniture. The area will look clean and bright, especially once you soften it with green foliage from a nearby garden bed or overhanging trees.

Another material to bring out the coolness of a soft-grey concrete patio is timber. You could install a timber roof or shade slats and set wooden lounges on the paving to create a rustic vibe. Alternatively, give the patio a smart edge by combining grey concrete with black elements like rattan dining chairs and a table. You could bring formality to the space with a manicured green hedge that functions as a low wall. Concrete blends with many other materials in an attractive way, giving you endless options. Ask a residential concreting company for more ideas.


27 June 2022

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