3 Benefits of Building Barrier Kerbs


If you have to build roads during a construction project, then you have to choose a type of kerbing for the job. While regular and mountable kerbs have some benefits, you should also consider barrier designs. These kerbs are higher and steeper than standard kerbs. What are the advantages of using this kind of kerbing on your build? 1. Make Things Safer For Pedestrians If you have pavements or other pedestrian access paths at the sides of your roads, then you have to find ways to keep people as safe as possible.

27 September 2021

Repair Techniques for 5 Types of Potholes and Related Damages


A pothole can render your driveway unsafe and unattractive. Fortunately, repairs are typically possible on an asphalt drive.  1. Surface Damage Damages that later develop into potholes typically start small, usually as a depression or small crumbling divot in the paving. You can prevent the full formation of a pothole by repairing the surface damage before it becomes worse. Your repair service can clean out the low spot or divot. They then apply a hot asphalt patch, which bonds with the paving into a permanent repair.

13 July 2021

Reasons to Spread Exposed Aggregate Around Your Property


You might need to renew the paving around your yard, especially if it's cracked or discoloured. Instead of spreading plain grey concrete around, why not consider exposed aggregate to add personality to the scenery. Consider the following reasons to use exposed aggregate around your property. Versatile in Terms of Design Exposed aggregate suits many different garden styles as it can take on diverse personas. If you have a cottage garden, utilitarian plain concrete can ruin the ambience.

25 February 2021

Three Reasons to Install Concrete Pavers Around Your Garden


The surfaces around your home not only form hard walkways and patios for easy walking but they decorate your backyard with colours and textures. One material to consider for the garden is concrete pavers, which will also add value to your home by beautifying the outdoor living areas. Here are three reasons to spread these pavers about the garden. Decorative You can decorate your garden with concrete pavers carved into different shapes.

25 November 2020

Things You Didn't Know About Slip Form Concrete Paving


Concrete's popularity is indisputable! Any built environments are likely to have concrete structures, if not a combination of concrete and other materials like steel. Contractors resort to concrete because of its versatility, allowing them to put up elegant and unique designs that would be a problem when using other materials. Certainly, concrete's popularity calls for the continuous evolution of building practices. Contractors and engineers must find ways of building and paving, using the most efficient technologies, and that's where concepts like slip form concreting happen.

2 October 2020

Little Known Benefits of Commercial Kerbing


Concrete kerbing refers to the concrete border that surrounds water features, gardens, and other landscaping elements. For any commercial property, investing in kerbing can significantly reduce expenses and also improve the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Here are some of the little-known benefits of commercial kerbing. Prevents the Inconvenience of Weeds and Other Plants on Walkways Concrete kerbing reduces the encroachment of weeds around your business premises. These intrusions will be kept at bay by this solid wall.

29 May 2020

2 tips for creating a concrete picnic area in the middle of a dense forest


Creating a public concrete picnic spot in the centre of a forest that is densely packed with trees can be difficult. Here are some ways that commercial concrete contractors can overcome the challenges presented by this type of environment. 1. Use a boom pump when operating the commercial concrete pumping equipment One of the many challenges that concrete contractors face in this setting is that the density of the forest can make it hard for them to bring their concrete pumping equipment into the area where they need to use it.

8 October 2019

How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Kerb Repair Needs


Concrete kerbs are popularly used in industrial and commercial concrete construction projects. They are used to strengthen pavements during construction, enhance its constriction and uphold the solidity of the concrete edges. Kerbing is a great investment for any home or commercial property owner. However, kerbs require proper maintenance to uphold the strength and stiffness and for longer life. Sometimes, kerbs can get damaged due to some circumstances or conditions, and you will need to repair them immediately.

19 January 2017

Top Tips for Cutting Concrete Using An Angle Grinder


If you need to cut concrete at home, an angle grinder is an ideal tool to use. However, if you have never used an angle grinder before, you may be wondering about the steps you should take to keep yourself safe and to ensure you get the best possible cut. Below are some top tips for using an angle grinder to cut concrete. Prepare Your Work Space Before you begin cutting, you should prepare the space you will be working in.

10 August 2016

How to Add a Concrete Overlay to Your Driveway


If you concrete driveway is getting old and worn, it might be time to consider getting it resurfaced. By using a thin overlay of concrete, you can avoid having to remove large sections of concrete and restore your driveway to its former glory. Below is a step by step guide to overlaying your driveway with a new layer of concrete.  Fill in any gaps or cracks Before pouring the new overlay onto the existing concrete driveway, it is important that you carry out an inspection of the surface and repair any gaps or cracks.

13 July 2016